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A FitVenture adventure fitness vacation creates a once in a lifetime experience that provides powerful results. We specialize in “year round” exciting all-inclusive personal training and small group personal training adventure fitness vacation getaways. No other fitness getaway focuses on you more and is priced competitively to the large group adventure fitness getaways. Results include improved stamina and energy, lower body fat, increased lean muscle and real stress relief. Our adventure vacation getaways are staged in the wild rugged Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, just 2 hours northwest of the Seattle - Tacoma area. If traveling from Canada we're just a 90 minute ferry boat trip from Victoria British Columbia Canada. Excellent lodging, healthy food and snacks, exciting guided wilderness activities, and fun gym-based alternative fitness training are all included. We customize the level of activity to meet our client’s individual needs. One of our main goals is to help our clients to maintain a fun, healthy, active lifestyle that includes smart food choices, regular exercise and exploring fun outdoor activities that are healthy and personally rewarding. If you're adventurous and need to lose a few pounds, FitVenture also works as a great weight loss boot camp.

A FitVenture fitness vacation getaway with us will have you feeling fit, rejuvenated, relieved of stress and connected to nature. We provide a fitness getaway that feels like an awesome active vacation. It just doesn’t get any better than that! Remember, because we customize for your level of fitness, you’re sure to be training at your own ability.

FitVenture fitness getaways work because we join what we feel are the three most crucial elements of health and fitness together.
They are:

  • Gym Based Training - Enjoyable cardio and strength exercise burns calories and develops lean muscle.

  • Wilderness Based Training - Physical activity strengthens your body and mind plus relieves stress while connecting with nature.

  • Healthy Eating - Creates fuel and healthy cells that preserve youth and health.

Your destination airport for the U.S. travelers is Seattle - Tacoma International Airport.

Your destination airport for Canadian travelers is Victoria International Airport.

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Fitventure Fitness VACATION Getaway



Get 10% off listed rates for  trips booked on or before June 15, 2018. Trips booked during this time must be used by July 31, 2018. 

Wilderness-Based Training

you get all this!

"Thanks so much for the incredible experience and totally fun workouts. Wow, what an adventure! It was much more than I ever expected. I really feel it bumped my fitness endurance up quite a bit and I would have never done those outdoors activities on my own."
                Thanks again, Michael W.

Is FitVenture for me?
FitVenture caters to beginner level and advanced and everything in between. We  customize your getaway activities to a fitness level that is appropriate for you.

We want to make this type of active vacation available to people who are beginners in a way that is level appropriate for them. We cannot emphasize enough that experience is not necessary.  "You can do it!" 

If you are already physically active and enjoy exercising when you travel and want to get out for an amazing vacation, FitVenture is perfect for you.

If you are a fitness adrenaline junkie, love the great outdoors and want to train hard, we got you covered! Our “Wilderness Fitness Warrior” level is off the chain!

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